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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Tropical Storm Henri hit?

Tropical Storm Henri: Tropical Storm Henri made landfall along the coast of Rhode Island near Westerly on Sunday afternoon, according to the National Hurricane Center. The threats: While Henri continues to weaken as it moves across Connecticut, heavy rain and flooding remain significant threats for portions of the Northeast through Monday night.

What is the wind speed of Hurricane Henri?

Henri's center had sustained winds of 75 mph late Saturday afternoon. Rain showers will likely become more widespread starting Saturday night and into Sunday, when Henri is expected to make landfall.

How will Hurricane Henri affect the northeast?

(CNN) Parts of the Northeast began to feel Hurricane Henri's first impacts Saturday evening as the storm barreled toward the coast ahead of an anticipated Sunday landfall, threatening to bring damaging winds, dangerous storm surge and flooding to an already saturated area.

Is Hurricane henhenri the same thing as Superstorm Sandy?

Henri has brought back difficult memories from 2012, when Superstorm Sandy -- a post-tropical cyclone -- made landfall in New Jersey with hurricane-force winds and devastated swaths of the Northeast. The two storms are not the same, however.

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