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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hurricane Andrew the strongest hurricane ever?

More locally, the official Florida record was taken in 1992 by Category 5 Hurricane Andrew. Perhaps that's not shocking for those who remember the images of bulldozed neighborhoods resembling the impact of a giant's footprint. What may surprise, however, is the strongest gust recorded by Andrew, which was unofficially 212 mph.

Was Hurricane Andrew the most powerful hurricane?

Hurricane Andrew was not an exception. Andrew was the most powerful hurricaneto hit South Florida in almost 30 years, and it ended up being the most costliestdisaster in United States History.

How many deaths were caused by Hurricane Andrew?

The hurricane caused the deaths of 17 people in the state, 6 of whom drowned offshore. Andrew spawned at least 28 tornadoes along the Gulf Coast, especially in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. In total, Andrew left 65 dead and caused $27.3 billion in damage.

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