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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you vote for a replacement candidate in a recall election?

The short answer is: You can vote for one of the replacement candidates, but you don’t have to. We encourage you to look into the candidates and see if any of them have earned your vote. The League of Pissed-Off Voters has a recall election voter guide that looks at some of them.

How can we defeat the recall?

The surest way to defeat the recall is to focus all of our effort—both voting, and voter outreach to maximize turnout—on the first question. Vote no on the recall, and get more voters to vote no as well.

How can I help keep Newsom from recall?

The safest option, the surest to succeed, is to be a unified bloc against the recall, and turn out to vote to keep Gov. Newsom. We suspect some of this comes from people feeling like their own single no vote isn’t enough. If that’s you, the best way to supplement your no vote is to help turn out more voters to also vote no.

What is a recall election in California?

A recall is a special election, not necessarily on the regular election cycle, on whether to remove someone who’s currently in an elected office (such as Governor) from that office. Should the incumbent be recalled from office (fired)? If the incumbent is recalled, who should replace them?

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