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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if someone is using aimbot?

The best way to Observe whether a rival is using an aimbot or not is to look at an opponent after being defeated. Looking for any unusual motions is the quickest way to identify if they employ an aimbot. Many hackers, especially those who try to aim at the wall, usually stay in one position for a longer time.

Is it OK to use aimbot?

If you constantly use an aimbot with a ‘rage’ type configuration where you are spinning and snapping around to shoot anyone visible, you can expect to eventually be banned. The best way to cheat and remain undetected in Battlefield games is to play as legitimately as possible.

What command gives you Aimbot in CSGO?

With the built-in sv_cheats commands, you can experience wallhack, no recoil, and godmode for yourself. However, there are no commands for “aimbot” at the moment. That said, we don’t recommend you get a taste for it since it will end up getting you VAC banned if you choose to use hacks one day.

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