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Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean kitchen walls before painting?

After sanding the walls, simply wipe them down with a slightly damp rag to remove any dust, debris, and spider webs. How To Clean Greasy Kitchen Walls Before Painting Kitchen walls typically require a bit more cleaning and prep work before painting than other walls.

How do you get grease out of a wall before painting?

Getting rid of the grease before you paint and applying a primer to seal any remaining grease in the wall ensures that your fresh coat of paint remains attractive and stain-free once it dries. Combine two parts cornstarch with one part rubbing alcohol to form a thick paste. Rub the paste onto the grease spot and allow it to air-dry completely.

How do you paint a kitchen?

Painting the kitchen begins with choosing the right paint, figuring out how much you need, and masking and covering all surfaces to prepare the room for painting. Kitchens can build up grease in certain areas, so it's best to thoroughly clean the walls with a degreaser prior to priming.

How to prepare walls for painting?

As seen in our How to Prep Walls for Painting video, clean walls are key in preparing a room for painting. While there is no best way to clean walls before painting, most walls can be washed using a sponge and warm water.

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