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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a cougar ID?

At the Delaware campus, individuals may call 740-203-8345 to obtain a Cougar ID. To receive an ID card, the criteria listed below must first be met. *When arriving for an ID card, students and employees must present a valid government issued photo ID: Driver’s License, State issued ID card, green card, passport, or current US Military ID.

How do I get my cougarnet username?

Use the “N” number (provided in your acceptance letter) and last name to find out what your username is. Your “N” number is considered your Student ID number (Ex: N00#####). Once you get your CougarNet username, click on continue button, then login with username and default password.

What is the difference between cougarweb and self-service?

Self-Service has replaced CougarWeb. Self-Service contains all of the features of the old CougarWeb, with an updated and streamlined modern interface. Self-Service is an interactive web application that enables users to view their individual information contained in Columbus State’s Colleague® databases.

When will my new CSCC login be available for Discovery?

Article - Discover My Login Name / Pa... If your name has been updated with Records and Registration, your new CSCC login will be available for discovery by the end of the next business day. Blackboard access with your new login will not be available until the morning after your login is created.

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