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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use change detection strategy in angular?

One solution is to use the OnPush change detection strategy for specific components. This will instruct Angular to run change detection on these components and their sub-tree only when new references are passed to them versus when data is mutated. In this article, you will learn about ChangeDetectionStrategy and ChangeDetectorRef.

How does angular changedetetor work?

To summarize: If Angular ChangeDetector is set to default then for any change in any model property, Angular will run change detection traversing the component tree to update the DOM. If Angular ChangeDetetor is set to onPush then Angular will run change detector only when new reference is being passed to the component.

How to update the Dom in angular?

Any changes in the primitive type's property will cause Angular change detection to detect the change and update the DOM. In the above code snippet, you will find that on click of the button, the first name in the model will be changed. Then, change detection will be fired to traverse from root to bottom to update the view in MessageComponent.

What is markforcheck in angular?

markForCheck instructs Angular that this particular input should trigger change detection when mutated. ChangeDetectorRef.detach () and ChangeDetectorRef.reattach () Yet another powerful thing you can do with ChangeDetectorRef is to completely detach and reattach change detection manually with the detach and reattach methods.

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