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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change my Major at UC Santa Barbara?

If you do not change your major prior to enrollment at UC Santa Barbara, your next opportunity to request to change your major with your academic advising office will be after at least two quarters of enrollment.

What can I do at UCSB?

Whether you want to declare a major, change a major, or explore careers that relate to a major, there is a lot to discover about your future. Even more than just majors, available minors, academic programs, and specialized certificates at UCSB provide an eclectic mix of options to prepare for your goals.

What if I don't declare a major at UCSB?

As a UCSB student, you must declare a major by the start of your junior year (90 units) to ensure that you are eligible to register in classes each quarter. Your registration will be blocked if you do not declare a major.

How do I Change my Major?

When you are ready to formally declare your major, look for instructions on the major department's website. Typically, you will need to meet with the Undergraduate Advisor within your major department (not an academic advisor within your college) to complete a Change of Major Petition form.

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