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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an Apple Genius Bar appointment?

If your iPhone or iPad isn't working or you're on a Mac, the best way to book an Apple Genius Bar appointment is via Apple's support page. You can access this page through any web browser. You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID, so make sure you know your sign in credentials before going ahead.

What is the Genius Bar in the Apple Store?

The Apple Store is a glorious place to shop for all of your Apple device and accessory needs, but they can also help you with questions and repairs. The Genius Bar inside of the Apple Store is the official place to get assistance with your Apple device hardware issues. Let's look at how to book a Genius Bar appointment next time you need one.

How do I make a reservation at the Genius Bar?

Select the “Genius Bar” option to start the reservation process. The Genius Bar is Apple’s tech support system located inside their retail stores. Then, click the “Make a Reservation” link to book your appointment.

How do I make an appointment for hardware support?

Note: You can only make an in-person appointment for hardware support. For help setting up products and services, select the option to call or chat with Apple Support, or walk in to your local Apple Store. Scroll through the list, and select the device you’d like to get help with. Or type your issue into the search bar.

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