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Frequently Asked Questions

What are legends of Runeterra champions?

The best of the best. Have you met the Legends of Runeterra champions? Similar to legendary minions in Hearthstone, champions create strong foundations for the rest of your build. There's room for six champions per deck, including up to three copies of each.

Is Runeterra in the same universe as League of Legends?

The world of Runeterra has grown substantially over the past few years since its creation with League of Legends. Thanks to other games like Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runterra, Riot Games’ fictional universe has only gotten bigger. Being in the same universe doesn’t mean all the same characters are present, though.

What are champion fragments in path of Champions?

Champion Fragments are resources in The Path of Champions that are unique to each champion. That means Jinx needs Jinx Fragments, Lux needs Lux Fragments, and so on. You'll need Champion Fragments if you want to: Champion Fragments are found in Cosmic Vaults. You can get Cosmic Vaults by: Completing Champion Campaign Adventures and World Adventures

How many champions can a player have in a deck?

In most rulesets, including notably Standard Rules, a player can have at most 6 total champion cards in their deck. All the normal restrictions on how many copies of any individual card can be in a deck also still apply. In Expeditions, a player has 2 champions in their initial deck.

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