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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of change detection in angular?

There are two types of change detection: 1 default change detection: Angular decides if the view needs to be updated by comparing all the template expression... 2 OnPush change detection: this works by detecting if some new data has been explicitly pushed into the component, either... More ...

How does angular work?

At a high level, Angular walks your components from top to bottom, looking for changes. Angular runs its change detection mechanism periodically so that changes to the data model are reflected in an application’s view.

How to fix angular refuses to run changedetectorref?

However, Angular refuses to run change detection. How to solve this then? Well, it is time for us to call markForCheck of ChangeDetectorRef. markForCheck will tell Angular to run change detection when a particular input comes into picture when mutated.

How is change detection implemented?

Angular can detect when component data changes, and then automatically re-render the view to reflect that change. But how can it do so after such a low-level event like the click of a button, that can happen anywhere on the page?

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