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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Hotstar customer care?

Hotstar USA contact email – [email protected] You can contact customer care by the above mentioned email address and toll free number. If you don’t own a hotstar subscription or don’t know how to use it, follow the steps bellow-

Is Hotstar available in USA?

Hotstar is India’s largest over-the-top streaming service with a name owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. It has expanded service now outside of Indian countries like the USA, UK, and Canada Market. After India, Hotstar has the Biggest Market in the US, and the site title in the US is Hotstar US.

Can my Hotstar subscription be transferred to other countries?

Can my Hotstar subscription be transferred to other countries such as India, UK or Canada where Hotstar services are still available? Hotstar will soon be discontinued in the US, but you can enjoy a selection of your favorite Indian entertainment, sports, & more with The Disney Bundle.

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