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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download Hotstar on PC?

The Hotstar app is already available to smartphone users. You can go through Disney movies, live TV, and movies in exchange for a nominal yearly package. Unfortunately, there is no version of the app available for PC. Which meant PC users were until now missing out on the entertainment and several features that the app offers.

How do I watch Hotstar?

Hotstar is just a click away! You just have to download it on your smart phones, Pc, tablets and there you go! You can enjoy watching it. It offers various indian channels such as Colors, Star Plus etc along with some of the international channels such as HBO, Star Sports, etc.

Why Hotstar is the best entertainment app for PC?

With HotStar you can have all the entertainment you want at the touch of a button. More so, it is available easily and allows you to keep yourself from boredom anywhere, anytime. Hotstar for Pc is one of the best entertainment application available today. It offers a collection of a wide menu of TV shows and movies.

What is hothotstar and how does it work?

Hotstar is a streaming app that turns your PC into a television set. The library of the streaming service provider is endless. From the latest movies to live sporting action, you can catch them all without ever getting up from your seat.

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