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Frequently Asked Questions

What cars are in the Hot Wheels World Race?

It appears that all the cars that were licensed by other companies in the movie and the toys were all replaced by original Hot Wheels cars, such as Taro´s original Plymouth, which is changed to an Overbored 454.

What is the plot of Hot Wheels: World Race?

Set in the near distant future where life revolves around the most intense sport ever invented. Hot Wheels Higheway 35 World Race takes daring drivers through a series of intense circuit races on extreme tracks featuring split/multi-level courses, obstacles, and speeds unlike anything ever experienced before.

How many episodes are in Hot Wheels: World Race?

Hot Wheels Highway 35: World Race is a series released by Mattel and animated by Mainframe Entertainment , to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Hot Wheels. It was broadcasted into 5 episodes, but was edited together into a made-for-DVD movie. The universe and story was created by Jeff Gomez.

What Hot Wheels toys were released in conjunction with the World Race television series?

The game is based on the television series Hot Wheels: World Race that was released by Hot Wheels and Mainframe Entertainment, and 35 Hot Wheels toy automobiles were released in conjunction with the television series to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the creation of the franchise. The game was released on October 29, 2003.

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