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Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Hot Wheels come out?

This article is a list of Hot Wheels released in 2003. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How rare is a woody '31 Hot Wheels?

Issued as part of the 1969 Hot Wheels series, the brown '31 Woody is considered by some redline experts to be extremely rare. Many guesstimate that fewer than a few dozen exist, a number that includes some prototypes. Hot Wheels Turns 50.

What is the most collectible Hot Wheels?

Widely heralded as the most collectible Hot Wheels extant, the rear-loading Beach Bomb is a prototype that for years remained in the possession of a Mattel employee. Unique in that its surfboards load through the rear window, the Beach Bomb proved to be too narrow and top-heavy,...

What are Hot Wheels diamonds?

The true diamonds are models with unreleased colors or wheel combinations. Pascal told us Hot Wheels can use as many as 30 different sets of wheels a year. It’s toward the end of the production run when the people who assembling the cars begin dipping into different parts buckets.

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