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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a walk-up service at the regional food bank?

Face coverings are required and there will be no walk-up service. No… While life may seem to be getting back to normal, there are still millions of people in Los Angeles County that depend on the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and… There are many ways to support our mission.

Why donate to the food bank?

You'll help fight hunger more efficiently. Without our caring volunteers, we could not provide food for thousands of hungry people each week. Here are the latest campaigns, events and ways to get involved! The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank will provide free food to those in need at this drive-through distribution.

Where is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank located?

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. 1734 East 41st Street Los Angeles, CA 90058 Phone: 323.234.3030 Fax: 323.234.0943 (c) 2021 Los Angeles Regional Food Bank — All Rights Reserved. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN: 95-3135649

How can you help the La regional food bank fight hunger?

VIBES by Q, a hand tie-dye business owned by an 8-year-old, helps the LA Regional Food Bank fight hunger in… Thanks to the generous support of donors to the Food Bank, Ephesus Church is able to serve the most vulverable.… The Food Bank has been fighting hunger since 1973.

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