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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Mayan ruins in Honduras?

The Copan Ruins are located in the western part of Honduras in the Department of Copan. The capital of this Department is the city of Santa Rosa de Copan, formerly known as "Los Llanos". Copan is the archeological city located south of the whole geographic area, and it is where the great Mayan Civilization developed and flourished.

Is there volcano in Honduras?

Isla El Tigre volcano is a small basaltic stratovolcano that forms the small, 5-km-wide island of the same name. It is located across a narrow 2-km-wide strait south of Isla Zacate Grande in the Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras.

What is corruption in Honduras?

Corruption Is the ‘Operating System’ in Honduras: Report. A new report suggests that corruption in Honduras is not simply the product of malfeasance by individual actors, but rather comprises an institutionalized system that serves to benefit a tight circle of elites, mirroring other corrupt systems that have been uncovered in Latin America.

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