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Frequently Asked Questions

How many capitals has Honduras had?

Honduras has had 3 capitals. Expert answered|Jeromos|Points 8766| Log in for more information.

What was the original capital of Honduras?

The capital city of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. Tegucigalpa became the capital on October 30, 1880 during the period in which Marco Aurelio Soto served as the nation's president. The nearby city of Comayagüela was also chosen to join with Tegucigalpa as the Central District of Honduras.

What is the most populated city in Honduras?

The most populated city in Honduras is Tegucigalpa, which has a population size of 1,126,534. This city is both the capital of the country and of the Francisco Morazán department where it is located. Tegucigalpa lies in the southern highland region on one side of the Choluteca River.

What is the population of the capital of Honduras?

Tegucigalpa, commonly referred as Tegus is the capital of Honduras. The capital houses all the government buildings of the country, as it is the seat of government of the Republic. With a population of 1,126,534, Tegucigalpa is Honduras' most-populous city.

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