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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honda code p2646?

Understanding P2646 Honda Code, Common Causes, and Troubleshooting Tips? The P2646 code is an OBD-II generic code for the engine control module (ECM) when it detects the ‘A’ rocker arm actuator control circuit for bank 1 is malfunctioning or stuck. It is often associated with reduced engine performance when the OBD code P2646 is set.

What does the code p2652 mean?

What does this mean? The most common problem that can set the P2652 code is the engine oil. Before replacing any parts change the engine oil with the factory recommend oil weight. The factory bulletin suggestss that replacing the VTEC oil pressure switch (P/N 37250-PNE-G01, H/C 6737217) take care of the problem.

How often does a p2646 oil change come on?

Most of the time, the P2646 appears about every 3 months (2-3000 miles), but after this last oil change (switched from regular to synthetic) back in February, the CEL has been coming on more often. It turns on and may last a couple hours to a few days, and then clear and be okay for about a week, and repeat.

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