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Frequently Asked Questions

Are rently reviews reliable?

Rently Reviews: Positive and Negative There are a lot of Rently reviews online from property managers, tenants, property owners, and real estate brokers. There is a sharp divide in opinion on whether or not Rently is a reliable service due to the possibility of misuse.

Is rently a good company to use?

The company has a "B" rating with BBB, due to 24 complaints ranging on a variety of issues. The BBB has issued an alert on the company. Rently provides a self showing technology to property managers. Our system allows registered renters to view properties listed on the system without an appointment.

Is rently a good option for property managers?

This makes it an excellent option for property managers who don’t expect to have homes for rent on the market for long, or if they are only representing a few properties at a time. Because the device is leased monthly, Rently covers device protection and takes care of any damage that happens to the device while it’s in use.

What features does rently offer for real estate agents?

Rently offers two different products that have a variety of features for property managers and real estate agents. The original Rently Lockbox and Rently Blue features are listed below. The Rently Lockbox is the original product offered by Rently. Users will enter a code to open the lockbox, access the key, and gain entry to the property.

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