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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the government accept the recommendations of the Punchhi Commission?

The government can either accept or reject the findings/recommendations of the committee. We have come up with detailed recommendations of a few important committees for your reference. You can check out the recommendations of the Punchhi Commission in the linked article.

Why are committees and commissions important for UPSC exam?

Their recommendations have led to various reforms in Indian society. Hence, they are very important for the UPSC exam. This article gives a list of various committees and commissions and their purposes (why they were formed/which field they worked in) so that students can have a ready list with which revision can be done.

What happened to Sanyal?

Sanyal was sentenced to life for his involvement in the Kakori conspiracy and was imprisoned at Cellular Jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where he wrote his book titled Bandi Jeevan (A Life of Captivity, 1922). Bandi Jeevan. Kakori Conspiracy Case.

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