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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Disney+ movies are worth watching?

The first three movies are all on Disney+, although the first one is the only one really worth your time unless you morbidly want to check out Donald Trump’s cameo in Lost in New York. We miss Rick Moranis! The great physical comedian was near his prime in this 1989 Joe Johnston hit that became a worldwide phenomenon.

What are the best educational movies on Disney plus?

Educational Movies on Disney Plus Here are a variety of my favorite educational movies that are on Disney Plus! HISTORY The Sound of Music – G Maria is a young nun who takes on the task of becoming the governess of seven children. It is set in the 1930s in Austria and is both a compelling story and an introduction to pre-WWII Europe.

Are there any Disney+ Classics?

Now, obviously Disney+ has plenty of classics. Disney animated films from Fantasia to Frozen are on there, as are a number of wonderful live-action films like Tron and Flight of the Navigator. But odds are you've already seen all or most of these well-known films.

What is the strangest Disney movie?

One of the truly strangest official Disney canon movies, this 2000 buddy comedy went through several forms before the oddity that emerged about an Incan emperor named Kuzco (David Spade) who is transformed into a llama. (Imagine something that strange coming out from Disney now.)

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