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Frequently Asked Questions

How do historians define continuity in history?

Historians are professionally concerned with change, and therefore with the absence of change (which is one of the ways of defining continuity).

What is the dichotomy of change and continuity?

Change and continuity. Change and continuity is a classic dichotomy within the fields of history, historical sociology, and the social sciences more broadly. The dichotomy is used to discuss and evaluate the extent to which a historical development or event represents a decisive historical change or whether a situation remains largely unchanged.

What is the key to continuity and change?

One of the keys to continuity and change is looking for change where common sense suggests that there has been none and looking for continuities where we assumed that there was change. Judgments of continuity and change can be made on the basis of comparisons between some point in the past and the present,...

What is change and continuity in thematic studies?

Change and continuity. Consideration of change and continuity tends to be a feature of period and thematic studies. The latter, in particular, make it possible for students to examine trends and turning points over time, looking at those dimensions which remain stable while others alter, and examining the varying pace,...

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