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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of the himiway electric bike?

Himiway electric bikes are equipped with Samsung/LG 48V 17.5Ah batteries to ensure a long life expectancy and distinguished performance. The single range can be up to 60+ miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 35 miles on pure electric power mode. Moreover, Himiway offers a 2-year warranty on batteries A fuel gauge for your electrons.

How fast is himiway cruiser step-thru motor?

Buy: Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru Motor: 750w Brushless Gear Hub Motor / 80 Nm Torque Est. Range: 35 mi / 56 km (electric power only), 60 mi / 100km (pedal assist) Top Speed: est. ~ 25 mph / 40 kph

Is himiway cruiser the best electric fat bike?

If you haven’t ridden a bike in years or you’re not riding much in general, Himiway Cruiser is an excellent choice. It is an all-terrain electric fat bicycle with pedal-assist and throttle. It’s built for paved and dirt roads, commutes and leisure rides, as well as beginners and experienced riders.

Why choose the himiway escape ebike?

The Himiway Escape is a brilliant eBike with a huge personality. From the Kenda puncture-resistant fat tires to the versatility of accessibility to all ages, the Escape is the renaissance man of the Himiway fleet.

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