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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does himiway charge to repair a bike?

That’s not the way the bike should have left the factory. If damaged in shipping Himiway covers it according to their website. 20-30 bucks to fix. too bad Himiway didn’t consider the cost of a happy customer vs an unhappy one. Gotta believe it’s well worth the $30 to them ($70 if you incl bank fee reimbursement) to have kept me happy.

Is himiway standing behind their warranty?

I HAVE HAD A MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE WITH RAD POWERS BIKE DEALING WITH A LIVE AGENT IN THE US Himiway is not standing behind their warranty! ERIC from their customer service in China will reply late in the evening, offering a discount purchase on a bad part, rather than exchange it per warranty!

What is the goal of himiway?

In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer. Purchased a Himiway bike for my wife for Christmas. On her second ride the bike shutdown on a communications error (code 30).

Where can I get an ebike repaired?

With that said they use a lot of standard components, so any Ebike shop should be able to take a look at it. We have a directory of Ebike shops that you can check out and see if there are any near you: Local Shop Directory. I would say Himiway should definitely reimburse you for any repair costs at a shop!

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