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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose himiway electric bikes?

Electric Bike manufacturer and seller Himiway makes daily commute much easier and cooler with its stylish all-terrain electric bicycles. In addition to a very stylish design, it also has the characteristics of light weight, durability and high performance.

What is the goal of himiway?

In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer. Purchased a Himiway bike for my wife for Christmas. On her second ride the bike shutdown on a communications error (code 30).

Is himiway standing behind their warranty?

I HAVE HAD A MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE WITH RAD POWERS BIKE DEALING WITH A LIVE AGENT IN THE US Himiway is not standing behind their warranty! ERIC from their customer service in China will reply late in the evening, offering a discount purchase on a bad part, rather than exchange it per warranty!

What is the himiway cruiser?

The Himiway Cruiser is an affordable all-purpose electric bike that combines cruiser comfort with off-road capabilities and commuting utility, it is great for commuting while also providing a comfortable ride.

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