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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Himalayan salt cave a spa or spa treatment?

It's a world filled with luxurious spa treatments, some are medical and others are just for indulgence. This magical Himalayan Salt Cave is both. Although fairly new to America, the Europeans have been using salt to cure ailments and enhance living for centuries, as far back as 1200.

Where is the Saltz medical spa in South Carolina?

This extraordinary salt cave is located in fabulous Greer, South Carolina. More information is available here on their website, or on their Facebook page. Saltz Medical Spa is located at 103A Regency Commons Drive, Greer, South Carolina. For another great way to relax, visit the one hotel in South Carolina you’ll never want to leave.

Is there a salt cave Spa in the Palmetto State?

There’s a fabulous spa in the Palmetto State that takes salt “caving” to a whole new level! Whether you’re immersed in the salt cave having a glass of wine with your best friend, relaxing in the incredible salt sauna, or enjoying a therapeutic salt cave massage, you’re sure to leave this spot completely relaxed.

Does Asheville have natural salt caves?

Asheville does not have natural, authentic salt caves and salt mines. In fact, there are only very few known natural salt caves in the world that were created by the influences of the elements. However, we can re-create the dry salt particles and negative ions found in natural salt mines above ground in man-made salt caves, like ours.

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