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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hillsborough County?

Hillsborough County was one of the five original counties created by this act. The County began to execute its legal authority on March 19, 1771, when approval was received from the King of England. The original jurisdiction of the County included 13 towns that are now in Merrimack County.

How many juvenile cases are there in Hillsborough County?

In 2008, a total of 597 juvenile cases were reported for every 100,000 people age 10 to adulthood in the jurisdiction of Hillsborough County. Of that total, 0% of those proceedings were delinquencies which equaled 1 court cases.

How much does it cost to search a Hillsborough County Clerk website?

There is a charge of $2 for each year searched; $1 per page for copies of the document being requested; and $2 for certifying the document. Beginning February 1, 2019, Hillsborough County Clerk websites will no longer support TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1. Only TLS version 1.2 will be supported.

How do I get a police report in Hillsborough County?

Hillsborough County has two county seats: the cities of Manchester and Nashua. To obtain police reports from the Manchester Police Department, visit its office at 405 Valley Street, Manchester, NH 03103 or contact it using this web form.

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