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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sheriffs are in Hillsborough County Florida?

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Headquarters Tampa, Florida Deputy Sheriffs and Corrections 2,022 (L.E. and Detention) Civilians 1,375 Agency executive Chad Chronister (R), Sheriff 21 more rows ...

How do I report a crime in Hillsborough County?

Instead contact HCSO via telephone 813-247-8000 or via US Mail at P.O. Box 3371, Tampa, FL 33601. You can report crime online. Not all incidents can be filed online. If your incident is not listed in the category selection list, call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office. We take our commitment to our community seriously.

Who is the sheriff in Florida?

The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The current sheriff is Chad Chronister. Sheriff Chronister was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott on September 30, 2017 to fill the position after the retirement of David Gee.

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