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Frequently Asked Questions

What are names for a clerk of court?

synonyms for court clerk. Compare Synonyms. endorser. recorder. registrar. scrivener. signatory. witness. certifier.

How to check your deed?

You can also visit the register of deeds or recorder of deeds for the county in which the property is situated. To search using the assessor, find the property tax assessor office's for the house's location, such as a county, town, city or village.

What is the Clerk of Superior Court?

The Clerk of the Superior Court is the Official Record-Keeper and Financial Officer for the Superior Court. The Clerk's office is the first stop in initiating all Superior Court action in Adoptions, Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Mental Health, Probate, and Tax matters. The Clerk must manage all types of records such as Legal Documents ...

What does the Clerk of courts do?

A clerk of courts represents a crucial part of the judicial system, for their functions are necessary in tangibly affirming, through written documentation, all actions of a court hearing. In addition to this fundamental role, the clerk of courts must maintain all records and administer all oaths to witnesses and jurors.

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