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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to hide a safe?

Good places where you can hide your safes are under the floor of a closet where you can cover it with a rug or into a dug in area of your wall where you can cover it with a painting. If you are just placing your safe on the floor, it may be good to anchor it to prevent it from being easily transferred and taken away.

How do you hide a bed?

If all else fails, hide your bed in plain sight. Place it in a corner and, during the day, cover it with a plain comforter or quilt that coordinates with the rest of your furniture colors. Layer pillows against the wall, turning your bed into a makeshift couch until you need it for sleep.

Is hide a noun?

hide verb. hiding place noun. on a hiding to nothing phrase. hide out phrasal verb. hide away phrasal verb. hide behind phrasal verb. 1. [uncountable] a situation in which someone hides, or changes their name or appearance, so that no one will recognize or find them The frightened family lived in hiding for three years.

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