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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start personal statement for UCAS?

Start your personal statement with a short sentence that sums up why you’re interested in studying the area you are applying for.‍ ⭐ Top Tip: leave the beginning to the end ‍ If you’re struggling to start at the beginning, our expert UCAS tutors suggest leaving the introduction until last.

How to structure your UCAS personal statement?

UCAS Personal Statement structure matters. You have 4,000 characters (with spaces) and 47 lines to demonstrate your passion for the course you have chosen, skills that you possess that suit the course and the personal interests and achievements that you will bring with you to the university of your choice.

What makes a good personal statement?

A good personal statement is authentic, sincere, and tailored to the specific program you are submitting it to. It describes your background, how and why you became interested in studying a specific subject, and how going to the school will help you achieve your goals.

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