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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a Heesen yacht?

Any yacht can enter the ports of the world. But only a Heesen yacht can take you to your dream destination. A yacht is a beautiful way to travel the world in luxury and expanding your horizons. Copyright Heesen Yachts Sales B.V. © 2021

Can Heesen really deliver on its promise?

There are many shipyards claiming they can do it, but few actually can. And even fewer who can do it on time and within budget. Heesen has been delivering on this promise for over 40 years. Yacht after yacht.

Why exhibit at heheesen Dubai International Boat Show?

Heesen has been exhibiting at the Dubai International Boat Show for over a decade. The newest Dubai Harbour, Nestled between Dubai’s most sought after landmarks, is the perfect location to host the most important boat show of the MENA region.

What has 2021 meant for the Heesen shipyard?

Arthur Brouwer, Heesen CEO, comments: “2021 has been a very exciting year for our shipyard, not only for our many sales successes, which will keep us busy for years to come but also for the milestones we achieved in the construc…

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