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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Heesen really deliver on its promise?

There are many shipyards claiming they can do it, but few actually can. And even fewer who can do it on time and within budget. Heesen has been delivering on this promise for over 40 years. Yacht after yacht.

How big is a Heesen Bluewater motor yacht?

At 50 metres this is a true bluewater motor yacht, featuring a displacement steel hull designed by Heesen’s in-house team of naval architects and engineers. Its cutting-edge design features a bulbous bow, which allows her to glide through the water with ease.

Where is heheesen’s workshop located?

Heesen expands its facility in Winterswijk. We are delighted to announce the expansion of its facility in Winterswijk, province of Gelderland – the home of its renowned interior workshop.

What is the fastest Heesen yacht?

At 70 meters, Galactica Super Nova is the largest Heesen yacht build to date. Following on from the multi award-wining Galactica Star, this aluminium fast displacement yacht achieves a top speed of almost 30 knots.

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