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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best decks in Hearthstone?

Here are some of the best decks you can play right now in Hearthstone, regardless of how you want to play. Control Shaman is an interesting deck. It runs Prince Renethal, and it makes full use of the extra ten cards that allows it to fit in.

What is the tier list for classic decks?

Tier List for Classic Decks 1 S Tier Secret Paladin Face Hunter 2 A Tier Spell Priest Clown Druid Token Druid Rush Warrior Deathrattle Demon Hunter 3 B Tier Control Warlock Beast Hunter Aggro Shaman Spell Mage 4 C Tier Broom Paladin Aggro Demon Hunter Elemental Shaman Watch Post Rogue Celestial Druid

What are the best decks to play with?

A Tier 1 Spell Priest. Spell Priest, packed full of removal, continues to be able to consistently shut down decks that get in its way. 2 Clown Druid. Clown Druid has seen a huge surge in power with the latest balance patch. ... 3 Token Druid. ... 4 Rush Warrior. ... 5 Deathrattle Demon Hunter. ...

What are the great decks?

Great Decks Bomb Hunter Murloc Paladin Murloc Shaman Tempo Rogue Quest (Reborn) Paladin Highlander Mage Bomb Warrior Token Druid

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