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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Hearthstone decks?

Top Hearthstone Decks, Guides and more! Standard Decks. Aggro Rogue #96 Legend – mcmarinersHS. Fragment Demon Hunter #216 Legend – Brownartist1. Galakrond Rogue #109 Legend – UlarpetarungHS. Libram Paladin #47 Legend – RB8647poke. Dragon Priest #25 Legend – HsKomik. Aggro Paladin #120 Legend – foghi8_hs.

How can I support Hearthstone-decks? is a website from Players for Players. If you want to support us, the best way is to submit your Deck! Click below if you reached Top 500 Legend in any constructed mode (Standard, Wild, Classic) or 12 Wins in Duels.

What decks are crushing the ladder in Hearthstone?

That being said, if you have the dust to spare, these lists should get the job done. Right now, classes like Warlock, Rogue, Demon Hunter, and Shaman are crushing the ladder, while Death Knight and Warrior flounder with abysmal win rates. Here are some of the decks dominating the ladder right now in Standard Hearthstone.

What's new in Hearthstone?

The new March of the Lich King expansion introduced 145 new cards to Hearthstone, alongside the aforementioned Death Knight class. As you might expect, the addition of a new class will have the meta in a state of flux for quite some time.

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