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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of children have a heart murmur?

More than 66 percent of all children, and approximately 75 percent of all newborns, have normal heart murmurs. Abnormal blood flow suggests a structural heart problem or defect, which requires further evaluation.

Do heart murmurs usually go away in children?

Innocent heart murmurs may go away over time. Sometimes, heart murmurs continue for life without causing serious health problems. In children, worrisome murmurs are usually due to a problem with the heart's structure that's present at birth (congenital heart defect).

How can heart murmurs be treated in children?

Many heart murmurs are normal, extra sounds in children with strong, healthy hearts. These children don’t need treatment. Some of these heart murmurs may go away on their own with time. If the murmur is from a congenital heart defect, treatment may include medicine, procedures, or surgery.

What are the symptoms of a heart murmur in children?

Children with innocent murmurs have no other symptoms except the abnormal heart sounds. A child with a pathologic heart murmur may have one or more of the following symptoms. They vary depending on the problem. Swelling (edema) of the lower legs, ankles, feet, belly (abdomen), liver, or neck veins

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