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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a heart murmur mean for Your Cat?

A heart murmur is a clinical sign that can be present at birth ( congenital) or may develop ( acquired ). Murmurs may be noticed during a routine physical exam in a cat that has no signs or symptoms of disease. If your cat has a heart murmur, your vet will discuss additional testing based on your cat’s physical exam findings, health status ...

Can heart murmurs cats be caused by heart worms?

Respiratory issues and vomiting are the most common signs in cats with chronic infestation. Cats with heartworm may also develop a heart murmur or irregular heartbeat rhythm. Some cats may have difficulty walking or suffer from fainting or seizures. Sometimes there are no symptoms, and the only sign is sudden collapse or even death.

Can you still neuter a cat with a heart murmur?

My dog/cat has a heart murmur; can I still get him fixed? It depends on the severity of the heart murmur. We strongly recommend that you take your pet to your regular veterinarian to be evaluated before scheduling his/her spay/neuter.

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