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Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs of heart problems in dogs?

dogs showing signs of heart disease may have a history of exercise intolerance, weakness, coughing, difficulty breathing, increased breathing rate, abdominal swelling (caused by fluid pooling in the abdomen), loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow to the brain (fainting), a bluish tinge to skin and membranes due to a lack of oxygen in …

What is a Grade 1 heart murmur in a dog?

Heart murmurs in dogs are graded on a scale of one to six. Grade I murmurs are the least serious and are barely detectable with a stethoscope. Grade II murmurs are soft, but your veterinarian can...

Can heart murmurs go away in dogs?

“Innocent” murmurs can be caused by other systemic issues, such as anemia, that when corrected, the murmur disappears. Puppies also can be born with a murmur that may go away as they mature. Most often in dogs, however, the cause is from degeneration of the heart valves and vessels.

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