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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HD2 technology?

HD 2 is always ready for a close-up. Boasting higher particles per square inch, this technology leads to a tighter surface for the most beautiful of finishes. This patent pending process makes HD 2 products up to 1.5 times stronger than industry standard of 8000 psi.

How big is a HD2 plow blade?

*Main plow image shown with accessories Featuring a rugged, 29" tall, powder coated, steel blade, the HD2™ snow plow is available in 7' 6", 8', 8' 6" and 9' widths, ensuring you can find the right blade for your vehicle. A standard high-carbon steel cutting edge provides increased wear resistance.

What is HD2 paving stone?

HD 2 is like anti-aging for paving stones. Its higher particles per square inch dramatically decreases the stone's absorption levels, and a stone that retains less water is less vulnerable to the elements. That means freeze-thaw and acid rain won't affect or degrade HD 2 paving stone's integrity.

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