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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the pound key changed to a hash key?

Re: Pound key has changed to a Hash key - WHY? The pound key and hash key are the same key. If the pound @ key changed to the double quote key, then the keyboard layout may have been changed from English (UK) to English (US).

How do I change the pound sign on my keyboard?

To change the pound sign on your keyboard, you will need to press the shift key and the number 3 key at the same time. If you have a numeric keypad in Windows, you will be able to type any symbol easily. The symbol can also be copied and found within another app or web page as a third shortcut.

What does the hash sign on my keyboard mean?

The hash sign shows a backward slash....the pound sign shows a # hash.....etc....etc. It sounds like the keyboard may have been set for a different language input? Open Control panel / Region and Language / Keyboards and Languages Tab / Change Keyboards Button.

Is the pound key the same as the number key?

Edit: It occurred to me that while the "pound key", the "number key" and the "hash key" are the same key on a US keyboard, the "pound key" is a different key on a UK keyboard. Nevertheless, the change is still probably caused by a change in the keyboard layout setting in Windows.

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