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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Halloween songs?

6) Book Of Love – Witchcraft (Remix) – The original version of this song is a little flat, the remix really picks up the beat and adds some great Halloween sound effects to it. It’s a classic electronic “new wave” song from the 80’s. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What are the best Halloween dance songs from 1984?

1) Ministry – Everyday is Halloween (Remix) (10:31) – This is the ultimate Halloween dance song from 1984. There is a shorter version that came out on a single earlier but this is the version that you want. Notice the length of time. 10:31 get it?

What are the best remixes of Depeche Mode songs?

19) Xymox – A Stranger (Remix) – This song is in the realm of a Depeche Mode song and came out in the early 80’s but it has a great dance beat and has some interesting keyboard hits during the song. The voice is mixed into the song so it’s not overbearing but the music is reminiscent of New Order.

What song has Twilight Zone samples in it?

16) Nebula H – Twilight Zone (Remix) – The intro is a sample from the TV series The Twilight Zone and then it just goes into some really hard techno/electronic dance beats. The Twilight Zone samples give it a nice Halloween edge.

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