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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Halloween Kills 2021?

Peacock is the only place to watch the 2021 Halloween sequel online for now — Halloween Kills is not available on iTunes or Amazon and not streaming anywhere else for now. To stream Halloween Kills online, you’ll need to have a Peacock Premium or Peacock Plus subscription.

Can you watch Halloween Kills online for free?

There is a hack to stream Halloween Kills online free: just sign up for Peacock Premium’s free trial, which gets you a week of free access to the streaming service. Get the Peacock free trial here and use it to watch Halloween Kills online free for seven days. After that, you can continue on with a monthly plan or simply cancel.

What is the plot of Halloween Kills?

Per the Peacock plot description: “An injured Laurie Strode inspires a vigilante mob to hunt down unstoppable killer Michael Myers and end his reign of terror once and for all.” Halloween Kills is the 12th installment in the Halloween franchise, which began in 1978 with the John Carpenter-directed Halloween ( watch it here ).

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