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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plus-size Halloween costumes good?

Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas They're scary good. From harvest festivals, to pumpkin carving, candy corn cocktails, and fright-filled movies, there's something for everyone come Halloween season.

What's an easy Halloween costume for a couple?

For an easy couples costume, put on this comfy one-piece dress and the accompanying wig, then hand your boo a Popeye costume . Hit it out of the park with a costume that shows off what a fearless independent woman you are. A classic costume, yes, but with this particular ensemble, you'll be anything but a basic witch.

What TV show Would you dress up as for Halloween?

Game of Thrones is another TV show that has made way for numerous themed costumes that will get you a nod of acknowledgment and a round of applause on Halloween night. You'll be tempted to say "Beetlejuice" three times in this spooky costume.

What should you wear for Halloween?

If you're a fan of the classic TV show, then Halloween is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Morticia. Grab a black wig and some red lipstick, and slip into a sleek black dress for a clever (and so easy!) costume. If Wonder Woman's not your style, Batgirl might be.

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