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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find official Haitian movie trailers?

ATIS - The No. 1 source of Official Haitian Movie Trailers and clips since the #HaitianRenaissance. We have joined the movement. We have put our "Tet Ansanm" and are doing our part pushing official Haitian movie trailers, of our expressive connected generation, to the masses, stars and beyond.

How many Haitians entered the film industry in 2017?

In 2017, more than 100,000 Haitians (mostly young people) entered... Spanish version, subtitled in English and French (47 mn) This documentary was selected at many international film festivals. It tells the story of a...

What are the best books about Haiti?

Haiti Cherie: Wind Of Hope by Richard J. Arens (2010) Haiti: Triumph, Sorrow, and the Struggle of a People (2010) (Jonas Nosile) (Vieux-Bourgeois Picture) (ABC TV) Herby, Jazz and Haitian Music (2012) by Arnold Antonin. Histoire D'infidèles (2009), Peter Ronald Berlus.

What is the Halloween in Haiti?

It is Richard Senecal’s first movie and it stars... In Haiti there is no Halloween. Instead, they honor Gede every year. These are special voodoo spirits of death and fertility. RAM, as a deeply-rooted... Typical rap video of the 2000s. Highly sexualized song and video borderline misogynistic.

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