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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the North American Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti?

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti-The 12 remaining members of a group of 17 North American missionaries who had been kidnapped in Haiti two months ago have been released, their U.S.-based charity and the Haitian national police said Thursday.

What happened to the remaining hostages in Haiti?

A source in Haiti's security forces said the remaining hostages were released around 5 a.m. ET in the neighborhood of Morne Cabrit and were found by locals who alerted authorities.

Why are there so many gangs in Haiti?

Haitian politicians have for years financed gangs to use as paramilitary units that can terrorize opponents and stoke political unrest, according to the U. S. Treasury Department and diplomats in the country. When the remnants of central authority broke down following Mr.

What happened to the 12 American missionaries who were kidnapped for 2 months?

The group of 12 navigated by stars to reach safety after a two-month kidnapping ordeal, officials with the Christian Aid Ministries, the Ohio-based agency that the captive missionaries work for, said Monday at a press conference. The detailed accounting of their journey to safety comes after news Thursday that the missionaries were free.

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