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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find haircuts and trimmings?

You can find haircuts, trimmings, trims, shampoo, styling styles, conditioning, and perms (only available at certain stores) through Great Clips. Get your hair done faster by using The Great Clips app, which includes an estimated wait time and Ready Next notifications via text so you know when you’ll be next in line.

Where can I get a low-cost haircut?

There are fortunately decent options for low-cost haircuts in your local area. Finding salons across the country that offer consistently high-quality haircuts at an affordable cost is the best starting point. Salon franchises (or chain stores) are the best option for a low-cost haircut.

How can I get a good haircut?

It would be best to keep searching for seasonal opportunities as some are more common. Consider comparing the options available in your area, from large-name beauty schools and barbershops to smaller-town shops, and even consider cutting your hair yourself. How can I get a cheap haircut?

How much does a haircut cost at Great Clips?

For instance, haircuts at Supercuts cost between $14 and $15, which is about $15 in total, precisely to Great Clips. Add more features using one of the two models, Supercut II (r) or the Supercut III (r) option. It will become slightly more expensive.

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