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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Guardian Life Limited?

Guardian Life Limited is an assurance company established in Jamaica since August 1999. The company is engaged in the underwriting of all classes of long-term insurance business. Guardian Life is managed by a President who is responsible to a Board of Directors for the operation of its business.

What are the benefits of Guardian workplace benefits?

Read the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study, “Protecting those we love: The role of life insurance in financial wellness.” Protects the people and causes employees value. Sets employees on a path toward financial wellness. Works with a company’s bottom line.

Who is the designer of Guardian Life 2022?

All rights reserved © 2022 Guardian Life Designed By Software Architects Limited, Jamaica W.I. © Chat with us, powered by LiveChat

Why do I need a guardian?

Everyone deserves a Guardian. We help protect your life, health and wealth. Nothing is more important than the physical and financial well-being of the people you love, which is why we offer products to help protect them today, tomorrow, and every day in the future.

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