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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a tipsheet for Laurel Park?

We offer one entire free tipsheet for a random track each day. You can find this on our DOWNLOAD page. For Laurel Park our BEST BETS have been in the money 68% of the time (on average).

Is Laurel Park good for closers or frontrunners?

Laurel Park is one of the widest courses in North America, and this helps eliminate any bias towards frontrunners. Field sizes on the turf tend to be a decent size, and there is often an even spread of winners across the card. Compared to a number of other tracks in the region, Laurel Park does tend to slightly favor closers.

Do you know every yard of Laurel Park?

A number of top horsemen tend to visit the track on a regular basis throughout the season, and there are a number of top trainers who possess tremendous records at the Maryland venue. There are a number of jockeys who regularly ride winners at Laurel Park, and many of these riders know every single yard of the track.

How are results entered in guaranteed tipsheet?

* Results are entered automatically via an XML feed provided by a third party. Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy, but errors may occur. If you see a possible error in our result tabulation, please contact [email protected] to have it manually reviewed and corrected if necessary.

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