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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods help your growth during a growth spurt?

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone growth. Obviously, the long bones (arms and legs) are growing quite a bit during the growth spurt. Be sure to eat: milk and fortified dairy products; fish and mushrooms (vitamin D); green vegetables (spinach and broccoli)

What does a growth spurt feel like?

In addition to eating non-stop, your baby might seem to be fussier than normal, waking up more frequently from naps or from nighttime sleep. So the few days of a growth spurt can certainly feel like a never-ending feeding cycle during the hunger stretch. The best thing you can do during a growth spurt is to increase your baby's feedings.

How to deal with a growth spurt?

How to Handle Baby Growth Spurts Clear your schedule. ... Babywear. ... Practice self care. ... Feed on demand. ... Take care of your breasts (for breastfeeding moms) Because more frequent nursing (especially for nighttime feeds) can cause a sudden increase in your milk supply, infant growth spurts can sometimes ... Let go of expectations. ...

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